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Links to whatever I’ve been reading and thinking about. Free ideas for writers, chronic learners, knowledge junkies, trivia seekers and boredom sufferers.

Last update Jan. 2012 – Few new links added.

Update May 2011 — Many of these ideas have been expanded in some new features I created over the last year. Also see my Psychology and Linguistics pages for more interesting reads and recommended links, along with my Fun Facts page.

Interesting Ideas, Theories and Research & Links

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World – Paul Stamets is doing amazing things with fungus.

10 Lesser Known Economic Issues – Best list I’ve read in a long time. Great explaination of economic ideas. Comments on the page are almost as interesting as the article, itself.

Mind the Gap – Essay by Paul Graham about the distirbution of wealth and people’s misconceptions about it.

Answers to Questions such as: Where did the Big Bang take place? Where is the middle of the universe? What is outside the universe? Why can’t we go faster than the speed of light?

“The frontal cortex … It’s the last part of our brain to fully develop. Not until around age 30 is our frontal cortex completely online, which may explain a whole lot about what was going on about 20 years ago in your life.” – Robert Sapolsky, Belief and Biology

Can language shape how we think?

Banana Equivalent Dose

If You Dig a Hole Straight Down, Where Would You End Up? – probably not China

OCD and Religion

Psychology is NOT a Science – Required reading.


The Dunning–Kruger effect

Mental Math Tricks you can learn.

I collect ideas. I try to jot them down on a dry erase board which hangs above my desk. I take a photo of my dry erase board when it is full of article ideas, doodles, etc. then store that photo on my computer for later reference. These ideas eventually become articles, cartoons, riddles, etc. here on or my other websites.

On my to-do list of ideas to work on … I’m behind by 1000s, and write down a handful of new thoughts every day. You’ve seen the show Hoarders? I’m an idea hoarder. I’ll never catch up. Take my ideas.

Fun DIY Projects

Telsa Coil

Potato Shooter

Interesting People

Robert Sapolsky – Read about him on

Claude Shannon – Inventor, Juggler, Michigander. Most importantly the Father of Information Theory. Computers exist because of him.

Alan Turning

Julia Child – French Chef / Spy – Find her episode about omeletes.

Tommy Flowers

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I’m cleaning out my brain here. First come, first serve.

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