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I wrote “How to Detect Lies” sometime in 2004 because I couldn’t find any similiar resources online anywhere. Since then, there have been tons of visitor comments… so many that I eventually removed the comment script and comments because of the huge amount of feedback I needed to moderate, and also because all the comments made the page load a lot slower.

So, I’ve taken all those old comments and gave them there own pages for archive purposes:

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All comments By: Bob – February 03rd 2006   > How about the” biting of the lower lip move? I thought this just meant “I want to get laid” By: john mack – February 03rd 2006   if i told you everything i said was a lie.would that be a lie. By: theresa belair – February 02nd 2006  

Do you guy’s believe all this stuff? I need some help trying to find out what a friends telling me. Any suggestions?

He’s really quiet and it’s messing with my head. i want to know so desperately how he feels. But he;s not any good at expressing himself. i’m afraid if i bring up how i feel. i will just push him a

By: Nikki – January 31st 2006   Thanks now I know how to be a better liar – LOL By: emma – January 30th 2006   my friend has just lied abput somthing very bad but until i read this i never new she was lieing By: marjorie fores – January 29th 2006  

liars do not want to be called pinochio but continue having alibis to cover up for their deceits

a liar always forget what he first said the next time he says another

By: poor me – January 28th 2006   How about the” biting of the lower lip move? By: leon kasparov – January 26th 2006   i would more info about this tactis By: If i told you it would be a lie – January 25th 2006   I thought this was very cool. I give my thanks to the creator of this site because I always wanted to know about this stuff. Now I can catch my friends. lol. By: ginger – January 25th 2006   my husband lies about the small things how do i know when he tells the truth ?what is the diference between deception and lies? By: sarah – January 24th 2006   one way to tell if a person is lying is when they are speaking to you they will touch their face to hide themselves away!!! definite give away lol!!! By: Blath – January 23rd 2006   If you have people lying to you, then I think you and you’re friend, family and acquintances need some therapy. By: mark – January 21st 2006   if you have bi-polar you show these traits because you do not want to be there, that’s all!!It’s a form of extreme shyness that causes this and it’s a shame that those that suffer are branded similiar By: LINA – January 20th 2006   I always noticed that when a person lies they tense (crinkle) under the eyes. The best of liars for only half a second, but I have never seen this fail. By: ruth in Tenn – January 20th 2006   my husband has bi polar i think and is a lier and a half the things i see in the artical are true , By: Laura – January 19th 2006   I avoid eye contant with anyone I dont know—my father would grab us and make us stare into his eyes, so I find it hard to make eye contact without trusting someone. By: Seeasi – January 16th 2006   I suppose I am easily entertained but I think this page is awesome! It is something to apply to everyday life. A subtle way to get a feel for a person, is this really someone I want to hang out with? By: Brandon – January 16th 2006  

Scott- I dont know why you heard that but it is wrong. The info on here is right.

I found this info very useful. This has helped me catch so many people lying including my parents and friends.

By: Ang – January 16th 2006   I will lie, i will cheat and i will punsh anyone to get what i want that is way most of the time i am home, now i can say a lie without ever ever being detected!!!!!!!! By: scott orpwood – January 15th 2006   A guilty person gets defensive. An innocent person will often go on the offensive. i have herad the opposite why is this? By: Talgat – January 14th 2006   Really valuable thing however my intuition never let me down By: Missy – January 13th 2006   I found this to be very interesting. I plan on using the info I gained to help me detect a liar and be a better one(if needed in any situation). By: vishal – January 13th 2006   I really found this information very valuable. By: the “handsome warrior…” – January 12th 2006   the only way to make sure that a person is telling the truth, is to make sure that you trust them, allbeit, trust is good, the truth is best… By: Tim – January 09th 2006   this article would lead to numerous break-ups. By: Duped – January 08th 2006   I trust my girlfriend but half the signs on this page tell me she’s lying to me. I’m overseas so I have no clue with the body language part. Girls **** man. By: ben-jamin – January 08th 2006   i love this thing i used it on my teacher By: WiseE – January 05th 2006   I have just caught out my friends girlfriend cheating on him using this information, she was lying through her teeth. cheers! i like this site. By: matt.s – January 04th 2006   im very shy and find it awkward to be around many people y is this? By: Lieseeker – January 03rd 2006   See actual scientific research at regarding detection of deception techniques. By: kathy – January 02nd 2006   i love this site 🙂 By: i am a perfect liar – January 02nd 2006   i loved this information, i will use it and make my lying even better!, ps, i can pass lie detectors too! By: sam – January 02nd 2006   cool way to detect… really useful and helps to nab liars…. thanx to the compiler… By: ms. perfect – January 02nd 2006   To Nunding Ram: I just love the way you described lies. Its beautiful! By: Nunding Ram – December 29th 2005   Lying could be found in all human societies. Lies could be either positive or negative. To some extent lies can make life more enjoyable. By: sk – December 15th 2005   there is also an eye contact test. right-handed people will look to their upper left during thinking of the truth and lower right when imagining an answer. left-handers look upper right for truth. By: G – December 15th 2005   For those who are saying “I/some people exhibit these traits when telling the truth under questioning”, read the last bit “The above behaviors should be compared to a persons normal behavior”. By: magdalana – December 08th 2005   this was great for my afer school project! it gets really into detail, i tried it on my siter and i caught her in a lie. By: Matt – December 06th 2005   Thanks for the help, do you have any other lie analysis sources? By: missy – December 03rd 2005   my guy friend lies to me.he never be honestwith me.and he lies to every body else too.he is a liar. By: anonymous – December 02nd 2005   much of this sounds true, but i wonder, do some of these traits or whatever you call them vary from culture to culture? like asians don’t normally look at people in the eyes, so that’s no sign? etc By: BR – December 02nd 2005   None of this works with abused or clinically depressed people as most of the the signs used here are normal to them. Most true liars will never exibit any of these By: Brent – November 29th 2005   Thanks for the overview. I learned a lot. Particularly liked the info about smiling 🙂 By: Mark – November 29th 2005   zen and others: read the entire article before saying what different situation will or won’t work. The article explains that you need to understand a person’s base (normal) behavior first. By: zen newbie – November 28th 2005   This does not work with autistics, if you use this tips with autistic people, you will always think they are lying. But due to neurological differences, they cannot lie, or lies are extremely naive. By: Amanda – November 27th 2005   i am doing a project on human behavior and thank you so much for all of the help! if you have any other information could you please e-mail them! By: optimus – November 23rd 2005   ive never been able to fake a smile in pictures. i wont even try cuz it looks so bad. By: stuntTastic1 – November 19th 2005   i like and use in my day to day from on By: macoute – November 18th 2005   This is nonsense – people use different techniques to remember things (eye movement) or be ashamed of their teeth and cover their mouth, using this & call a person a liar could get you in trouble By: Liltxtrndo – November 17th 2005   Gre at info. I, sometimes to my own detriment, can freakishly tell when people are lying, or are going to. It’s nice to know most of the things that I DO notice are real aspects of a Liar…. By: star – November 17th 2005   what about long bouts of studdering? and being on the defence sounding By: Pamela Dee Howe – November 16th 2005   Thanks for the tips! By: androphiles – November 16th 2005   Al so, where you look while remembering has to do with left/right-handedness. Generalizations like this article are good starting-points, but they don’t tell the whole story. Peace! By: Steve – November 16th 2005   That thing about where someones eyes go is wrong. Where your eyes go has to do with what you are recalling. Up left means putting a new image together with an old one. Not necessarily making a lie. By: haha./ – November 15th 2005   imjamie , i think you took that from a movie, The Negotiator. 😀 i remember that from that movie By: murph – November 14th 2005   a worthwhile site. thanks. FYI imjaime, i am visually oriented; when i try to recall something, i look right AND left to capture the image in my mind. don’t be too quick to judge; u could be wrong. By: Rose Mary – November 13th 2005   My Mother always said, ” to be a good iiar, you had to have a great memory.” She was so right. Some people are so dumb! By: jmp – November 10th 2005   I have just been found very quilty of lying since I was 5 years old. That is over 50 years ago. Now I know how to correct it and I am in counseling to enjoy the rest of my life. By: david – November 10th 2005   i agree with what the what.. statement i never look people in the eye even in a normal conversation with my friends, but people think then when i dont want to look them in the eye im lying By: imjaime – November 09th 2005  

If you’re talking to a person and their eyes go up and to the right, they’re remembering something. If their eyes go up and to the left, they’re lying.


Did you actually read all that? I’d even been impressed if you skimmed the whole thing. You may want to keep going to page 2 … although I couldn’t imagine why.

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