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By: Blath – January 23rd 2006   If you have people lying to you, then I think you and you’re friend, family and acquintances need some therapy. By: mark – January 21st 2006   if you have bi-polar you show these traits because you do not want to be there, that’s all!!It’s a form of extreme shyness that causes this and it’s a shame that those that suffer are branded similiar By: LINA – January 20th 2006   I always noticed that when a person lies they tense (crinkle) under the eyes. The best of liars for only half a second, but I have never seen this fail. By: ruth in Tenn – January 20th 2006   my husband has bi polar i think and is a lier and a half the things i see in the artical are true , By: Laura – January 19th 2006   I avoid eye contant with anyone I dont know—my father would grab us and make us stare into his eyes, so I find it hard to make eye contact without trusting someone. By: Seeasi – January 16th 2006   I suppose I am easily entertained but I think this page is awesome! It is something to apply to everyday life. A subtle way to get a feel for a person, is this really someone I want to hang out with? By: Brandon – January 16th 2006   Scott- I dont know why you heard that but it is wrong. The info on here is right. By: Brandon – January 16th 2006   I found this info very useful. This has helped me catch so many people lying including my parents and friends. By: Ang – January 16th 2006   I will lie, i will cheat and i will punsh anyone to get what i want that is way most of the time i am home, now i can say a lie without ever ever being detected!!!!!!!! By: scott orpwood – January 15th 2006   A guilty person gets defensive. An innocent person will often go on the offensive. i have herad the opposite why is this By: Talgat – January 14th 2006   Really valuable thing however my intuition never let me down By: Missy – January 13th 2006   I found this to be very interesting. I plan on using the info I gained to help me detect a liar and be a better one(if needed in any situation). By: vishal – January 13th 2006   I really found this information very valuable. By: the “handsome warrior…” – January 12th 2006   the only way to make sure that a person is telling the truth, is to make sure that you trust them, allbeit, trust is good, the truth is best… By: Tim – January 09th 2006   this article would lead to numerous break-ups. By: Duped – January 08th 2006   I trust my girlfriend but half the signs on this page tell me she’s lying to me. I’m overseas so I have no clue with the body language part. Girls **** man. By: ben-jamin – January 08th 2006   i love this thing i used it on my teacher By: WiseE – January 05th 2006   I have just caught out my friends girlfriend cheating on him using this information, she was lying through her teeth. cheers! i like this site. By: matt.s – January 04th 2006   im very shy and find it awkward to be around many people y is this? By: Lieseeker – January 03rd 2006   See actual scientific research at regarding detection of deception techniques. By: kathy – January 02nd 2006   i love this site 🙂 By: i am a perfect liar – January 02nd 2006   i loved this information, i will use it and make my lying even better!, ps, i can pass lie detectors too! By: sam – January 02nd 2006   cool way to detect… really useful and helps to nab liars…. thanx to the compiler… By: ms. perfect – January 02nd 2006   To Nunding Ram: I just love the way you described lies. Its beautiful! By: Nunding Ram – December 29th 2005   Lying could be found in all human societies. Lies could be either positive or negative. To some extent lies can make life more enjoyable. By: sk – December 15th 2005   there is also an eye contact test. right-handed people will look to their upper left during thinking of the truth and lower right when imagining an answer. left-handers look upper right for truth. By: G – December 15th 2005   For those who are saying “I/some people exhibit these traits when telling the truth under questioning”, read the last bit “The above behaviors should be compared to a persons normal behavior”. By: magdalana – December 08th 2005   this was great for my afer school project! it gets really into detail, i tried it on my siter and i caught her in a lie. By: Matt – December 06th 2005   Thanks for the help, do you have any other lie analysis sources? By: missy – December 03rd 2005   my guy friend lies to me.he never be honestwith me.and he lies to every body else too.he is a liar. By: anonymous – December 02nd 2005   much of this sounds true, but i wonder, do some of these traits or whatever you call them vary from culture to culture? like asians don’t normally look at people in the eyes, so that’s no sign? etc By: BR – December 02nd 2005   None of this works with abused or clinically depressed people as most of the the signs used here are normal to them. Most true liars will never exibit any of these By: Brent – November 29th 2005   Thanks for the overview. I learned a lot. Particularly liked the info about smiling 🙂 By: Mark – November 29th 2005   zen and others: read the entire article before saying what different situation will or won’t work. The article explains that you need to understand a person’s base (normal) behavior first. By: zen newbie – November 28th 2005   This does not work with autistics, if you use this tips with autistic people, you will always think they are lying. But due to neurological differences, they cannot lie, or lies are extremely naive. By: Amanda – November 27th 2005   i am doing a project on human behavior and thank you so much for all of the help! if you have any other information could you please e-mail them! By: optimus – November 23rd 2005   ive never been able to fake a smile in pictures. i wont even try cuz it looks so bad. By: stuntTastic1 – November 19th 2005   i like and use in my day to day from on By: macoute – November 18th 2005   This is nonsense – people use different techniques to remember things (eye movement) or be ashamed of their teeth and cover their mouth, using this & call a person a liar could get you in trouble By: Liltxtrndo – November 17th 2005   Gre at info. I, sometimes to my own detriment, can freakishly tell when people are lying, or are going to. It’s nice to know most of the things that I DO notice are real aspects of a Liar…. By: star – November 17th 2005   what about long bouts of studdering? and being on the defence sounding By: Pamela Dee Howe – November 16th 2005   Thanks for the tips! By: androphiles – November 16th 2005   Al so, where you look while remembering has to do with left/right-handedness. Generalizations like this article are good starting-points, but they don’t tell the whole story. Peace! By: Steve – November 16th 2005   That thing about where someones eyes go is wrong. Where your eyes go has to do with what you are recalling. Up left means putting a new image together with an old one. Not necessarily making a lie. By: haha./ – November 15th 2005   imjamie , i think you took that from a movie, The Negotiator. 😀 i remember that from that movie By: murph – November 14th 2005   a worthwhile site. thanks. FYI imjaime, i am visually oriented; when i try to recall something, i look right AND left to capture the image in my mind. don’t be too quick to judge; u could be wrong. By: Rose Mary – November 13th 2005   My Mother always said, ” to be a good iiar, you had to have a great memory.” She was so right. Some people are so dumb! By: jmp – November 10th 2005   I have just been found very quilty of lying since I was 5 years old. That is over 50 years ago. Now I know how to correct it and I am in counseling to enjoy the rest of my life. By: david – November 10th 2005   i agree with what the what.. statement i never look people in the eye even in a normal conversation with my friends, but people think then when i dont want to look them in the eye im lying By: imjaime – November 09th 2005   If you’re talking to a person and their eyes go up and to the right, they’re remembering something. If their eyes go up and to the left, they’re lying. By: EnigmaNeko – November 08th 2005   I agree with whatthewhatwhat’s statement. I am shy and low self-esteem and I tend to not be able to look someone in the eye when talking to them…which doesn’t mean that I am always lying. By: kelemon – November 08th 2005   Then there’s the flip side of the same coin: honesty. The truth sounds like the truth. By: nelia – November 07th 2005   this is a wonderful article. i have a friend who lies alot, i can now tell when she really IS telling the truth! By: – November 06th 2005   Sometimes the signs will be worse depending on the situation…for example, “Did you eat the last cookie?” then you’ll see less signs, then if you asked “Did you steal my 50 Bucks?!” By: Jim – November 03rd 2005   I’ve learned about all of these techniques through the Law Enforcement Academy. I eventually had to take a polygraph test and some of these signs are used during the test. I passed with flying colors By: tiu – November 03rd 2005   Ask the same questions more than once at different times. If they’ve built up a fake story, they’ll forget it more easily than a real story. So their answers will contain contradictions. By: Ethereal – October 28th 2005   Liars may think they are smart to be skilled in using language in various ways to achieve their ends, but the real humans live their lives in ways that make lying unattractive and unnecessary. By: Gortiag – October 25th 2005   The trick in being a liar isn’t to learn to control your facial muscles, it’s about believing your lie to be true for a limited period of time. The thing you’re saying is TRUE. Mundance tips. By: Towelie – October 24th 2005   Try the techniques listed here on politicians, corporate spokesmen etc. Fascinating. By: Hacem – October 20th 2005   the statement that follows is false. the past statement is true By: Soben – October 18th 2005   To Brent: That is true. I compulsivly lie. I can fool a lie detector(friends dad is a cop) I look like the avg. working, decent, honest person, and make my stories conincide with each other. By: Soben – October 18th 2005   I lie when I’m in trouble or don’t want to deal with a person, like face to face friendship stuff. I’ve learned how to control my reactions and make them natural, you wouldn’t notice im lieing. By: lollipop – October 17th 2005   how many different “types” of liers are there?i.e.habitual,conpulsive etc. By: FedMan – October 04th 2005   As a Fed Agent with 10 years of experience interviewing criminals and a father of 3, I can tell you this works. You have to look for what we refer to as clusters, not 1 item, but several. Practice! By: brent – October 03rd 2005   I think these signs are more for people of integrity who maintain some respect for truth. Skilled and chronic liars probably feel at ease lying and can foil some indicators. By: Techno – October 03rd 2005   I can see that some of you peope in here are pretty intimidated by How to becone a Lie Detector. I think we can all tell lies if we’re honest with our own selves to begin with. By: brat – October 01st 2005   Lowdown, I think its a very good sign that the person is deceptful. The emotion they are feeling perhaps is real, however it is likely they are hiding something from you, and maybe themselves. By: MORT – September 30th 2005   Don’t need a lie detector, I’ve got a wife and a mother. Nothing gets past them! By: Grippa – September 29th 2005   “Obviously, just because someone exhibits one or more of these signs does not make them a liar.” Apparently none of you can read. By: kenan – September 22nd 2005   it works i usd it on my friend and i found out he was liing just to make sure of it i ask everyone he talked to so yay it works good on ya whoever made this place By: Elimin8 – September 22nd 2005   The fact is, its just like the fortune telling methods… The general rule wont fit specific personalities. By reading these you will “look ” for specific times that they could or couldnt be true. By: sam – September 21st 2005   people all this is crap ive seen a girl who could lie… when i kept all this observations in mind.. doesnt work.. sometimes does though By: Turbann – September 16th 2005   These concepts are not crap – they are generalizations. Some liars exhibit these methods, others don’t. Knowing these observations helps us, generally, with clear communication. They’re not rules. By: Adina – September 11th 2005   I, myself am a very truthfull person but find myself feeling judged all the time which in turn causes me to exibit thease behaviors. I think it’s a insecurity/anxiety. By: buckminster fullerene – September 10th 2005   Some of these behaviors may be culturally influenced, a part of traditional polite deference to authority. (another case of learned noverbal communication survival skills) By: hmm… – September 08th 2005   dealt with people who exibited these exact traits when confronted. people should definitely keep some of this in mind By: me – September 07th 2005   is it bad that I have read all of the comments? By: Karl – September 07th 2005   The only proven indications that someone is lying are pupil dilation, higher blink rate, more speech errors, more hisitations and higher pitch speech. Anything else is unreliable. By: Nickolas Nikolic – September 06th 2005   Also, these are all the same characteristics of shyness… So, really it is discussing what are the best kinds of personality to trust… In other words: it’s worthless… By: liar – September 05th 2005   when i lie i add loads of detail to my stories, including unobvious , seemingly unrelevant detail… which does add a good level of believability to the unseasoned ear. only work/sick day lies etc. By: red eye – September 04th 2005   I exhibit most of the above, even when not lying, I grew up in a violent, abusive household and these characteristics meant survival. By: lillyblue – September 04th 2005   I think that this information is useful.It is a shame that people have to lie in the first place.But Iam like some people quite shy and find it difficult to relax. By: Ricapar – September 01st 2005   I find this pretty useful. If you read it in the right way, it’s a perfect HOWTO to avoid others from knowing you are lieing. By: nulli – September 01st 2005   Any actor worth his salt knows ALL the various cues to indicate he/she is lieing. Yes its just human nature and it’s also easy to fake a lie. By: Shawn – September 01st 2005   Sounds about right. If everybody goe back to a recent lie they’ve told, they could probably pick out many of the signs listed above… By: anonymous – September 01st 2005   Ignorance is bliss. I’m very good at detecting lies and like Monk says, “It’s a gift and a curse”. I give people the benefit of the doubt but my first impression is unfortunately almost always rig By: Kyle Farris – September 01st 2005   In response to the statement about itchy noses, it is true; people’s noses often become itchy when they lie. When you lie, the blood pressure spikes in your face causing a tingly feeling in ones nose By: Irwin Noel – August 25th 2005   the information is very useful, i had seen those sighs and traits many times but never pay close attention By: DrPoligraph – August 24th 2005   The emphasis applied to pronouns by the innocent may be misleading. Sometimes I find hard to let people believe me because my everyday sentence lack many of these emotional contrasts. By: mariakat – August 23rd 2005   Thank you for sharing. I thought it was both useful and interesting information about human nature. By: Delaware – August 21st 2005   I find most of this to be true. I must say though, because of my natural tendancy toward shyness, I sometime fail to make eye contact intially. Guess what?, oops out of characters By: Sad Man? – August 12th 2005   The side notes here, say that a liar will only move muscles close to the mouth, rather than the whole face. I have noticed, I do that naturally… would that mean anything? By: Julz – August 09th 2005   People with a condition on the Autism Spectrum are usually very introverted. This means they will be quiet, avoid eye contact and have no perception of expression. I should know- I have Asperger’s. By: russ666 – August 07th 2005   it is EASY to tell when the politicians are lying, their lips will be moving. They will appear to be saying somethingrelevant. They will be saying exactly what you want to believe By: The DOC – August 06th 2005   Liars are quick learners too … never rely on the same techniques as a given, they wont last. The best way to deal with liars is to either get away from them, or put a bullet in their lying brain 🙂 By: Lynn – August 06th 2005   Folded arms can also be used as a distancing mechanism so don’t necessarily signify lying. Also, I do not believe “once a liar always a liar. Children and teenagers, huge liars, get over it, usuall By: Sean – August 05th 2005   The last bit of advise is most important. You must compare this to a person’s normal behavior. Most objections disappear if you remember that. Some people, for instance, rarely make eye contact. By: Jolin – July 27th 2005   During a conversation, eye contcat is an important thing, but the action is also vital too. When a person is lying, that person cannot sit still and always wanna avoid from asking difficult question. By: Ron – July 25th 2005   Just to add a note to all this. Never should you expect a liar to tell you the truth. A liar lies remember! By: Bev – July 23rd 2005   Also remember the automical neverous system never lies, many liars know the signs too and practice not using them and will look you right in the eye but it will then show up in a twitch, jerk, etc. By: Bev – July 23rd 2005   These are very good but all inclusive. . .come on readers while culture and personality play a part one must weight the subject matter. Reading signs are very beneficial to avoid being deceived. By: jd – July 20th 2005   i got one..when you ask your spouse or gf/bf Did you cheat on me..? when they reply with a smile saying no or ignore what you said and change the subject to something less upfront about it.they did:-) By: Sonshinegirl – July 20th 2005   Looks like we have a bunch of liars leaving comments. This is a GREAT article!!! By: kayla – July 20th 2005   the signs listed here are pretty vague. there are so many more reasons why people act the way they do–the way they’re confronted, the mood they’re in, how close they are with the accuser… By: Jay – July 19th 2005   Even if people lie…what is the truth…the truth is always another lie…. By: Konrad Pekala – July 19th 2005   The article seems to be ignorant about behaviour of people with low self esteem and such like. Please, don’t forget about that. By: Boo – July 17th 2005   this does not mention cluster behaviour or cultural behavioural differences. check out the book kinesic interview and interrogation techniques, most fascinating!! By: Jon – July 12th 2005   Can you tell us/me how to beat the ly detector? Im afriad of those like if they ask specific questions. Please. By: someone with questions – July 09th 2005   would it be a lie if they were really not lying, but they mad all the facial expreessions and signs and stuff to make you think they are lying? By: Raindog – July 04th 2005   I think this is just a large mound of crap. Humans are emotional creatures and most of the emotions mentioned can occur when someone is embarrassed or if the person is shy. Not necessarily when lying. By: lindanne – June 30th 2005   A detective friend told me looking to the left means trying to remembering * telling the truth & looking up & to right indicates accessing part of brain that fabricates & indicates a lie. By: Dan – June 26th 2005   The Eye-Signs: Both Right- & Left-Handed people look down & to the left when lying. Up & left when fabricating something (using the creative side of the brain). Up & right when calculating. By: Dan – June 26th 2005   I can confirm that most of the listed Signs of Deception are correct but have to be treated as SIGNS – not as a proof for lying. By: lisamarie – June 22nd 2005   this page is very true but evry individual reacts in different ways, i will however be more aware of these aspects in the future By: C.e – June 17th 2005   Those are true but i know people who lie and who are very good at it, they can do it without showing any of these signs. but if people are telling you their liars, there probably right. By: Spooky – June 15th 2005   The only way to tell if a person is lying is solid evidence of the deed. Observational techniques like this and lie detectors are NOT allowed in a court room, and for good reason. By: NannyOgg – June 09th 2005   Not looking someone in the eye when talking to them is usual if the person is thinking through what they are saying i.e. a complicated procedure. They will look down and left or right or up and left By: TravisD – June 06th 2005   From ones perspective: If they look up and to the left (towards their right brain, the creative side) they are fabricating the story. Is this accurate? What if they are lefties (right brained)? By: Elsa – June 01st 2005   Every individual is different when expressing feelings through body language. but i strongly believe that some of the hints mentioned are definately indicators that someone is lying! By: Been lied to – May 29th 2005   I think in general this can be true with the major exception of people who read stuff like this so they can be better liars. For instance what about pathological liars and narcisstic people? By: Saugata Roy – May 25th 2005   To tell the truth lying is a part of life. By: Steve – May 24th 2005   Interesting but simplistic… These observations could as easily represent discomfort as a lie – and all are defeated by delusion. Surely the best way to catch a liar is to give them enough rope… By: Jean-Pierre – May 22nd 2005   These are good hints, I find it interesting and scary at the same time…Gina has a good point: always ask to clarify ! PS: I also heard of an eye-movement thing, but can’t remember exactly. By: Katgal – May 21st 2005   i think these are more of a guide – you could not srictly obide by these as everyone responds differently under certain pressures By: mullingitover – May 09th 2005   Just look at the eyes. People will look to their left when they’re telling the truth, and to their right when they’re lying. By: Me – May 09th 2005   So I think that I’ve determined that I am lying 99% of the time. What to do? Please advise. By: Zibo – May 08th 2005   Some seems familiar for me. Seems I have used them … deja vu. It is strange that some comments denied them. Your Final Notes is very important. Thanks By: har – May 08th 2005   in an atmosphere of accusation eye contact is not encouraged or permissable in many cultures. these signals seem extremly superficial. By: PP – May 07th 2005   I’ve read that when people, e.g., car sellers, preface statements with “Honestly,…” or “To tell the truth,…” they’re often lying or shading the truth. By: DocBradd – May 06th 2005   I think it was Bateson who asserted that accepting a lie is a kind of social contract – that we KNOW when someone is lying, even the pathological liar. he may not be entirely correct, but in principle By: helge – May 06th 2005   Part of the symptoms are just general signs of insecurity.Other symptoms I observe habitually in politicians and lawyers. now what does that tell us… By: lathyrus – May 05th 2005   yeah, i agree it can’t be generalized, but this should have certain degree of truth. nice to know anyway! By: stanley – March 17th 2005   wel that’s good but i dont think it applies to all are real good pretenders. By: Turncoat – March 11th 2005   read the book “Telling Lies” for the best and most objective book on lying EVER. And i’ve read quite a few… Well-organised, well written, and very practical. By: pilotox – March 08th 2005   type “interrogation techniques” in search engine and will find interesting site on liars and lie detection, particularly the looking one way and upwards/the other way and downwards stuff. By: ThePete – February 02nd 2005   forgive me, but a lot of those examples can be avoided by professional liars–or even actors. I think only lazy liars would do much of the above. Anyone want to compare the above points to Bush? 😉 By: CDeezNutz – January 31st 2005   good for poker tellls thx By: Melissa – January 29th 2005   Next thing – pathelogical liars… I live with one. Help! By: naty da baty – January 28th 2005   thats alot of info i mean wow By: Rachel – January 28th 2005   this is really good because i think i have some untrustworthy freinds and now i can be alot more certain if their lying or not. By: Paul – January 27th 2005   a lie is a lie is a lie is a lie – heard arount the vacinity of the Eiffel Tower in 1921 By: Jen – January 26th 2005   I always thought that if you looked to the right you’re remembering something. At least that’s what CSI said. By: T – January 26th 2005   Scott: yes, it is true to a point. If your interested in that aspect; find some books at the library about “NLP”. By: Scott – January 26th 2005   What about the old looking up-left is memory, up-right is imagination (making stuff up)? Maybe it’s vice-versa, but is it true? By: rahul khanvilkar – January 26th 2005   this page is cool!!!!!!whoever made it was with a good effort. By: captn jack – January 25th 2005   To catch an insecure liar don’t ask them what they did, tell them what you think they did. It’s kind of hit-and-miss and you only get one shot, but if you get it right and stay confident they confes By: raaabert – January 25th 2005   I will lie knowing what not to do with ease now, thank you, you are such a relationship saver for me!! By: matthew – January 25th 2005   I like to ask very important ?s in a non threatening non judgemental way thus encouraging them to tell the truth. I think people should either tell you the truth or tell you to mind your own business By: me – January 25th 2005   I knew this dude one time that looked exactly like you “natural smile” example dude! He died. By: Mari – January 25th 2005   Thanks for the tips ! I will lie even better now ! By: Ixu – January 25th 2005   I�m a little bit glad that I read this because I now can tell when one of my friends lies to me. And I�m sad because she lies a lot about everything. Nobody understands why!!! By: sila – January 25th 2005   a good trick is to look ’em straight in the eyes and smile hugely By: criticalman7 – January 25th 2005   these tips will come in handy with my girlfriend who lives in another state,,, i hope she doesnt come to this… By: spongebob – January 24th 2005   Gee patrick this rules out everyone thats alive By: right on – January 24th 2005   just about everything you wrote is true By: desean – January 24th 2005   i am not lying when i say i love u By: The norwegian – January 24th 2005   Well, I think all people lie at least one time a day… even without thinking about it.. but you know… I think my teacher is lying just talking to us… She shows all the signs of it so…. By: jays-z – January 24th 2005   Sometimes I lie all day long… but then I usually get up and go out to party. By: nick – January 22nd 2005   some things there are leading the wrong info to viewers. ex. “I did not do it” can be very sincere. Not lying By: msnoitall – January 22nd 2005   this comment is for immi, if these are your everyday expressions, maybe you should evaluate yourself. YOU MUST BE A LIAR! By: cutiegal – January 22nd 2005   me m8 is lyin wen she keeps on puttin her hair behide her ears!! its quite funny watchin her really! By: snowdog – January 22nd 2005   “If you believe it when you say it, it’s not a lie” George Catstanza By: Cecily – January 22nd 2005   Some times they move their fingers in a weird way when they lie By: paranoid – January 22nd 2005   Sighing or rolling their eyes is a sign of panic which does sometimes mean they are lying, or hiding something By: Krazy – January 22nd 2005   Yeah,or they are lying when they pause before answering.You’ll ask”What did you do today”and they’ll pause and then say”UMM,NOTHING” By: none of ur business – January 22nd 2005   i guess im just a good lier then 😀 By: kell – January 22nd 2005   all of this cant be true for me cuz i do those things even when im not lying!!!!!!!!!!! By: Forkers – January 22nd 2005   Another way to tell if a politician is lying or not – throw her/him off a building. If they float back on to the roof, then they are telling the truth! By: Forkers – January 22nd 2005   Hey Trisha, I see that America is no different to Australia, in one way at least. We have the same sort of politicians down here!! By: cgm – January 21st 2005   Eye movement doesn’t always help, don’t count on it alone! By: Blueboy – January 21st 2005   …how to tell when Duby is lying..he moves his lips! BRING’UM HOME! By: winstin – January 21st 2005   wooo, now i just gotta learn these things. i’m a really crappy liar. By: Mikey – January 21st 2005   Words may be garbled and spoken softly, and syntax and grammar may be off. In other words, his sentences will likely be muddled rather than emphasized. SOUNDS LIKE BUSH! By: Honest Abe – January 21st 2005   Who is Joseph Sugarman?? By: BasketLady – January 21st 2005   A liar will answer the question with a question. I ask “Did you steal money from me?” He will say “Now why would I steal money from you?” By: jammin – January 21st 2005   There are better ways than body language. Such as the not answering direct questions with straight answers. Where are you? At the bank @ 45th and Caldwell. (probably true). By: Lier – January 21st 2005   Some of the comments/conslusions are “out of the reality”. You can’t become offensive even if you are 100% right if the accusations come form your boss (totalitaric one). This is just a good theory By: aboozled – January 21st 2005   Oh shoot! I can’t remember what I was going to say….must have been a lie!!!! By: RDogg – January 20th 2005   No mention of pantomimes or eye movements both are better indicators. By: Bigpeeler – January 20th 2005   If the person is telling the truth, they float. If the person is lying, they drown. By: HAMBONE – January 20th 2005   Thanks for teaching me to be a better liar. By: Lanny – January 20th 2005   Liars can also repeat a question to give themselves time to think. Customs officers look for this! By: jawapunk – January 20th 2005   Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies. By: DantesMagicCircles – January 20th 2005   I’ll be even more self-conscious now thinking I’m giving off the impression I’m lying. I’m actually just pleasantly farked-up. By: snark – January 20th 2005   “I’m not lying, I’m just delusional!” By: SomeDude – January 19th 2005   I am a very shy an insecure person and I do all these things even when telling the truth. By: MAdfapper – January 19th 2005   A liar always out WAAAY too much information when questioned. By: Darren – January 19th 2005   No I did not eat the last cookie! By: Jason – January 19th 2005   I lie to myself and I believe it more than you do. By: Pasta – January 19th 2005   A liar will say that he or she loves you. That is a lie, since no one can ever love you By: private pete – January 18th 2005   I am an excellent liar. wait. I lied.

Wow… another long page. Did you actually read all that? I’d even been impressed if you skimmed the whole thing.

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