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I Need Money – Odd Ways to Make Money

Options for Quick Money | Stuff to Sell and other Ways to Get Cash

Broke? Desperate for cash? paid guinea pig

Looking for ways to make money… fast? This article is here to help you out.

I’ve put together a collection of ways to raise funds that you may not have considered, along with some precautions and scams to avoid.

Last update: March 07, 2013

Sell Your Body (for medicine)

There are few options for selling various aspects of your body:

1. Selling Blood Plasma – There are hundreds of for-profit plasma collection agencies in North America. Plasma collection services generally pay plasma donors between $15 and $50 per donation. Some of these services allow donations up to twice a week.

How to find someone to pay for plasma: Do a Google search for “paid plasma yourcity” or similar. You can also look in the yellow pages under “blood”.

Note: each state and country has its own regulations for blood plasma donations. For instance, California does not allow payment for plasma. This option is not available for Canadians, either.

You can also check BioLife’s website to find a plasma center near you.

2. Sell Blood Marrow or White Blood Cells – A healthy individual can also sell their bone marrow and/or white blood cells in many states and countries. Bone marrow or white blood cells can fetch up a few hundred dollars for donors. Again search for “sell bone marrow yourlocation” to find available options.

3. Males: Sell your sperm – Sperm banks screen generally screen their donors extensively before offering them a paid gig. But, if you do have what it takes in their eyes — you could make an easy $50 – $250 for a few minutes of work.

4. Females: Sell your Eggs – The screening process for donated eggs is longer and more complicated than a dude trying to sell his sperm. It is also worth a lot more money. We are talking thousands to $10,000 or more for egg donators. Wow. Search google for “paid egg donation” to find more info.

5. Have Long Hair? Sell it! – Healthy long un-treated human hair can fetch up to a few thousand dollars. Even just 12 inches of un-treated hair can bring in a few hundred bucks. There are a few websites around that help hair buyers find hair sellers including: and – have a look at those links for an idea of how much hair is selling for.

6. Clinical Trials (Get paid to be a human guinea pig) – If you don’t mind subjecting your body to chemicals with unknown consequences, you could get paid to participate in some sort of clinical trial. There are always new medications and experimental therapies that need to be tested. Depending on the type and length of research, you could expect anywhere from $50 – a few thousand dollars in compensation.

Paid clinical trials are available all over the world.

Where to find info about paid clinical trials/health research: A Google search for “paid clinical trials” or “paid clinical trial your location” should get you started.

7. Donating Organs for Money – This is illegal in the US, Canada and many other countries. Kidneys and livers can sell for well over $10,000 (sometimes over $100,000). But, I seriously don’t recommend you even consider this an option. There are plenty of good reasons why this is illegal in most countries.

Check your Books, Change Jars and Attics

1. Valuables you didn’t know you owned – You might have valuable coins, rare books, video games or other items that you could sell, if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget to check your collection of wheat pennies, too!

Even “recent” antiques can bring in some quick cash. Do you have Atari or early Nintendo or Sega video games? Many are worth a fair penny. Check your basement or attic for collectibles and antiques you didn’t know were worth anything.

2. Sell your old or broken jewelry – Have some old gold or silver jewelry you don’t mind parting with? The condition doesn’t matter, gold and silver buyers pay by weight (and purity).

It is usually very easy to find someone in the yellow pages or classified ads. You can also ask your local pawn shops and do a google search for “gold buyer yourlocation“.

Please note: the faster you need to sell something, the less money you are likely to receive. If you need to sell something valuable to a pawn shop — you definitely won’t be getting top dollar.

Finding Odd Jobs

Post a notice at your local library, community center or any other free bulletin board with a short description of your skills and a way to contact you. For instance: “Need help moving? Yardwork? General Laborer available for odd jobs.”

You could also post a free ad on Craigslist. You can also check Craigslist for odd jobs. Please see my notes under the section on Make Money Scams before considering a get-rich-quick idea.

Sell Your Talent

Busking / Street Performing – Can you play an instrument? Juggle?

This generally works best if you live somewhere with a downtown bar scene. Find a spot with foot traffic and try it.

Busking is illegal in some places, but fine in others. Some cities require permits to busk. You can ask a local busker (best option) or the local authorities (police station) if there are any regulations against busking. Ran across this site recently: The Busking Project – which has information about and for buskers.

I use to busk on a busy street close to nightclubs and a casino. Drunks and gamblers are the biggest givers, with Friday and Saturday night 11pm-3am being the most fruitful busking times.

Sell your unique talent for $5 – lets you post your unique talent or service you are willing to do for five bucks. There are tons of options.

Just have browse the site and see what other people are willing to do for $5 and come up with some of your own ideas.

Pay Day Loans / Car Title Loans:

These are the sort of high-interest loans they advertise on late night television. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend them. But, if you find this is your only option, you should be informed before borrowing money through some sort of cash advance or title loan:

Shop Around for a Rate – Each lender has its own fees and policies, don’t blindly sign a contract without seeing what other lenders are offering.

Research the Lenders – Search the internet for reviews of lenders you are considering. Read what others have to say about the company.

Don’t Pay Up front for a Loan – It is illegal for a lender to request an up front payment for a loan in the United States and Canada (and maybe other countries).

Make Money Scam Precautions

If it seems to good to be true — it probably is.

If you have to pay a fee (or buy anything) to get started, it is probably a scam.

If you have to download software, give away personal info, or pay a fee before “learning a secret” to make money — it is probably a scam.

Common Scams: Envelope stuffing, product assembly, mystery shopping, data entry, paid to surf.

There are legitimate data entry and work from home jobs — but you find them the old fashion way; sending in a resume and applying for a job.

Can You Really Make Money Online?

Yes, but you need to be willing to research and put the effort into understanding how online business works.

Online Freelancing – Writers, graphic designers and programmers with skills are always in demand, but knowing how to find these jobs and land them is a skill in itself. I started freelancing with (alternatives include and, and generally point people to these websites when I get asked for tips on freelancing. Read all of there great articles and tips for those new to finding online work.

Making Websites that Make Money – This isn’t a quick way to make money, it takes time, research and effort. You can read my guide to making websites that make a profit here.

That’s all for now.

Good luck!


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