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My first doth affliction denote Which my second is destin’d to feel. And my whole is the best antidote That affliction to soften and heal.

*Not quite, but the same species.

Clap Clap…

Riddle 4

Behold, a Riddle

I want to hear this remixed.

What sort of man is coming To lie between your feet?

Where do all the good girls go What clubs they hang at?

What matter, we are but women. Wash; make your body sweet;

I have cupboards of dried fragrance. I can strew the sheet.

Thank ya Jesus! Thank ya Lard! The Lord have mercy upon us.


He shall love my soul as though Body were not at all, He shall love your body Untroubled by the soul,

In the street you hold your head high At home you get low down for me

Love cram love’s two divisions Yet keep his substance whole.

You’re not extra extra, you’re so plain Jane The yin to my yang, darlin’ You’ve got that thang

The Lord have mercy upon us.Thank ya Jesus! Thank ya Lord!

. one word

If soul may look and body touch, Which is the more blest?

You don’t say too much, but when you do it’s profound

The Lord have mercy upon us.




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