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Best Magic Trick Resources

Links, Free Magic eBooks, Forums, Shops, Videos, etc.

Unfortunately, there are just too many “informational” magic trick sites just out to sell something or pass visitors onto affiliate links.

I also find a lot of magic resource pages are link exchanges rather than someone’s honest opinion of good magic resources.

These are my magic trick bookmarks that I’ve gathered over the years:

(last updated November 2023)

Magic Ebooks & Magic Trick Books Online

Herrmann’s Book of Magic – Black Art Fully Exposed – Online version. Originally published in 1903. Dozens of classic magic tricks explained.

(ack… most of my old links I had gathered no longer exist. Will have to do some new research for this section – stay tuned).

Free Magic Trick eBooks – yeah, totally free! Check them out.

Magic Trick Forums, Websites, Articles and other Links

The Magic Cafe Forums – Great forum… and one of the only magic forums in my bookmarks that still exists.

Magic Trick Inventors & Magician Bios – Need to know who invented what trick/illusion/prop? This is the best resource I could find online for magicians biographies, too.

Magic Tricks Reveal Inner Workings of the Brain – Article on about magic, illusions and the brain.

Our Magic Friends:

The magicians and websites that have contributed content to our site, or helped us out in other ways… feel free to support them back:

Jay Sankey – Amazing magician. Contributed unique magic articles to Blifaloo, and is a righteous dude. Also sent me a signed postcard, thanks Jay! Check out his magic trick dvd’s… they are very easy to learn from. – I’ve bought their products before and really dig Brad Christian’s card tricks & sleight videos, and their beautifully designed card decks. <– drool.

Places to Buy Magic Tricks, Magic Videos & Books, etc.

These are the magic shops friends or myself have bought from in the past and had good experiences, along with the shops of some webmasters I’ve chatted with and/or have a good online reputation. – Jay Sankey is a prolific creator of magic tricks, and a Blifaloo contributor… so check out his shop. – US Based. Lots of close-up & street magic trick. They sell super cool card decks. – US Based. Huge selection, lots of specials, competitive prices.– I’m all about supporting the little guys, but I love Amazon’s selection, reliability, and customer reviews. They have a huge selection of magic trick books worth checking out.

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