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Tight Deck Pick

A Card Trick

This is an extremely easy to learn and implement trick…with little practice you can master it.

Materials Needed:

1 Standard Card Deck Standard Card Deck Case (cardboard box case)

The Trick:

Allow a friend to shuffle a deck of cards, then choose and keep that card as they hand the rest of the deck back to you.

You place those cards and place them back in the case, leaving the flap open.

Ask your friend to place his/her chosen card back into case with the rest of the cards.

Hold the case tightly as your friend places their chosen card back in with the rest of the deck.

Pull all of the cards carefully half-way out of the case, and you should see 1 card that is sticking out farther than the rest. This is the chosen card.

Notes: Practice this trick on your own a few times to get a feel for the right amount of grip that needs to be applied to the case, as well as how to find the chosen card after it is placed back in the case.

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