Tim Kelly has Fuzzy Green Balls

He knows how to use them, and more importantly: juggle them.

Tim Kelly juggles balls, clubs, torches, knives, cigar boxes and has a very unique routine with a tennis ball can & balls.

An expert in yo-yos, tops, coin snatching, and origami… according to this bio, Tim Kelly practices an average of 10 hours a day.

Is that possible? I’m not sure if I am fully awake 10 hours a day

Out of all the juggling videos on the internet, this one sticks out the most in my mind. “Tim Kelly 3 Balls – All the Tricks”. Tim shows amazing control while being completely entertaining. And his hair rocks it hardcore.

The music is perfect and the filming / editing is awesome too – making for a very enjoyable video, maybe the most entertaining juggling video online.

More Tim Kelly Videos:

Very cool Tennis Balls & can routine.

Fantastic club flourishes – another great video.

Cigar Boxes – can you believe 1 guy can do all these things so well?

External Resources

I couldn’t track down a whole lot of information about Tim, maybe because he practices 10 hours a day… but here is what I did find:

Comedy Industries – Tim Kelly – You’ll find his bio, photos, and booking info here.

Juggling DVD – Tim Kelly appears on this video along with other great performers.