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How to remove computer viruses and prevent infections

Quick Tips : 1. Install all of your anti-virus/ spyware/adware utilities in one folder for easy finding. 2. Allow these programs to check for updates and download them automatically, or do it manually at least once a week. 3. Need to Remove Winfixer 2005 and their annoying pop-ups? Follow these tips, go get VundoFix, then post your HijackThis log at one of the recommended forums so an expert can help you remove Winfixer.

You probably arrived here because you think you might be infected with some sort of malicious malware. Symptoms of a rogue virus on a computer may include: Unwanted pop-ups (such as those telling you to download Winfixer), general computer / internet slowness, inability to connect to the internet, unknown processes running, etc…

New virus’s and virus variants seem to come along almost everyday, so no matter what virus software you use, and how often you update it, your software may not be able to cure or even detect your problem.

Fortunately, virus problems are almost always curable. You will most likely need to download some new software and take a multi-step approach to remove a virus, but if you follow these instructions step-by-step, you will be back to a clean machine.

First Steps in Virus Removal and protection:

Here is a list of free software you should download and install. Many spyware, adware and viruses can be cured automatically with these programs.

1) Preparation for Virus Removal: —————————————————————–

If you are unable to connect to the internet use this utility (WinSockXPFix) first:

WinsockXPFix for Windows

Next, you should clean your computers temporary files. This will make virus scanners work much quicker, and can get rid of a lot of unneeded files on your computers.

cleanup!CleanUp! – Download Page How to use CleanUp! : – Download, Install, and Run – After it finishes, follow the instructions to rebootie clean cacheClean your Internet Explorer Cache:With a browser window open click: Tools > Internet Properties Under “Temporarily Internet Files” click: Delete Files This could take a few minutes, when finished, click OK.


Check your computer for Rogue / Malicious “Anti-Spyware” products and software.

Now is also a good time to go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and get rid of any installed programs you no longer use. (remember to run CleanUp! again after this).

2) Scan for Adware and Spyware —————————————————————–

adaware free editionAd-aware SE – Download Ad-Aware Free How to use Ad-ware: – Download, Install and Run – In main window, choose option toCheck for Updates, then download these files.- Perform full scan – When finished, mark everything for removal and remove the offending files.

spybot sdSpybot S&D – Download and DSO Exploit Fix How to Use: – Download and Install Spybot S&D and DSO Exploit Fix – Run Spybot S&D, click Update > Search For Updates > check each update box > download updates. – Next choose Search and Destroy > Check for problems. After scanning has completed: choose Fix Selected Problems. – Last choose Immunize > then immunize button to protect your computer from common spyware from installing.

cws shredder downloadCWShredder – Download Page How to use: – Download, Install, and Run. – Allow program to fix any malicious files it finds.

Reboot, Take a Deep Breath, and Continue to the Next Step:

3) Scan for Viruses and Trojans ————————————————

Even if you already have an up-to-date antivirus program installed, one program can never catch every possible threat.

Panda Active Scan – Online Virus Scan How to use: Follow online instructions, allowing software to install and run.TrojanHunter – Download Free Version How to use: Download, Install & Run.

Reboot, and Test your system to see if your symptoms have gone away, in not Continue to the Next Step:

4) Hijack This & Posting your Log: ——————————————–

Hijack This – Download PageHow to use: Download, Install, and run. Click> Scan. Then >Save Log.

You can paste your log file to one of these forums, and the folks there can help you remove any viruses the above steps where unable to:

5) Virus & Spyware Protection and Prevention:——————————————————-

Now that you have a clean system, let’s keep it that way. Follow these steps to prevent future infections:

1) Have good anti-virus software installed, and keep it updated. A very good free program is AVG Anti-Virus. Other reputable software includes: Norton, and KAV.

2) Keep windows updated.

3) Use a firewall such as Zonealarm, Sygate, or Kerio. 4) Run Ad-aware and Spybot S&D weekly.


Special Notes for those with Winfixer problems:

Lately, I have noticed a dramatic increase in folks requesting how to remove Winfixer 2005 pop-ups from there computer. Please follow the above steps completely, and by the end, you will have rid your self of Winfixer along with other malware.

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