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Point and Click Flash (Wii Compatible too!)

All of the following games are playable though Wii via it’s internet connection and Opera Browser* using only the Wii Remote. I also optimized this page to make it easy to navigate using the Wii.

Tip: Use the (+) and (-) Buttons on the Wii Remote to zoom in and out.


Featured Wii-Ready Flash Game: clickPlay!

clickPlay! – Use your mouse (or Wii Remote) in a variety of ways to find the PLAY button and move to the next level.

rapid fire shooting game

Rapid Fire 2 – Addictive target shooting game. I think this one is more fun to play with a Wii Remote than a mouse.

hard boiled icon

Hard Boiled– Work your way through these 45 point and click Mini-Games, and try to achieve the rank of “Hard Boiled”. Perfect for Wii.


ClickPlay – Use your mouse (or Wii Remote) in a variety of ways to find the PLAY button and move to the next level. Try to finish with the least amount of clicks possible.

clickplay 2

ClickPlay 2 – The anticipated sequel by NinjaDoodle. Point, Click, and Drag your way through levels.

Air Hockey from 2D Play, its air hockey fun. Very simple game, but a nice-timewaster with good Wii Remote compatibility.

chaos chamber

Chaos Chamber – Cool, fast, paced clear the balls logic game. Addictive original gameplay. Give it a try.

Fish Eat Fish – Capture fish of the same color to clear the levels. See in-game instructions. Short but fun game.

Mini Pool 2 has been one the most popular games for visitors on Blifaloo over the years, and is a personal favorite too.

 Kaboom – Fun Game. Don’t let the bombs hit the ground, but avoid the red bombs.      Crash Down – Click groups of 3 or more to remove them.    

Arcade Lines – Click & drag balls of the same color so that 5 lineup horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Don’t forget to check back often as I try to add new wii-enabled games as well other great content on a regular basis. Please contact Blifaloo if something is broken.

Did you know that you can watch videos on YouTube on your Wii? Click here for our favorite YouTube videos of all time.

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*(It’s a free download from the Wii store).

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