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Just for Fun -> Online Games -> Word and Typing Games

Word and Typing Games

Good games for word-junkies or typing practice.

If you love classic games like Scrabble, Boggle, and Upwords you’ll dig this collection of fun online games. Word nerds: also see my resource guide to linguistic studies.

alpha attack icon

Featured Typing Game: Alpha Attack

Alpha Attack – Type the letters as they appear on the screen. Perfect for typing practice. Try to type without looking at the keyboard!

More Great Word and Typing Games:

letter rip

Letter Rip – Create words by clicking adjacent lettered tiles in the correct order.


Wordo – Clear tiles by spelling words using three or more lettered tiles.

fowl words

Fowl Words – Create as many words as possible.

fowl words 2

Fowl Words 2 – Fast, typing practice game.

isogram game

Isograms – Use logic to figure out the mystery word.

word search

Word Search – Locate the words with a given meaning.


Remember to check back often as I try to add new games as well other great content on a regular basis. Please contact Blifaloo if something is broken.

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