You are Wrong

Common Misconceptions, BS, Lies & False Beliefs

This page is here to inform, ridicule or settle a dispute.

Note: if you somehow stumbled here, please not this page is a draft.

1. Misconception: Undercover police (in the US) are not allowed to lie when asked if they are a police officer.

Fact: Cops don’t have any legal obligation to tell you if they are a police officer. Source: Snopes – are you a cop?

2. Tongue Map – Remember the tongue map? I remember learning this in school, coloring it in, being tested on it. What a load. The theory behind this map, which was scientifically disproven by later research, is that certain parts of the tongue are exclusively responsible for tasting a certain basic taste. Source: Wikipedia entry on Tongue Map

3. Humans use 10% of their brain. I hear this often. This is completely wrong. Some asswipe made the statistic up…people quoted it. Like 59% of people believe this crap because they heard it from someone else.

4. Hair and nails grow after death. Bzzzz…nope….wrong.

5. Napoleon was short.

6. Toliet water spins in different directions in different hemispheres.

7. Humans evolved from monkeys. Is this still common? I hope not.

8. Bulls and the color red. Bulls don’t give a poo about the color red.

9. You think you are better than you think your are. But not as good as you think you are.

10. LSD stays in like your spine man. Like in your spinal fluid. Also if you do it more than 7 times you are legally insane. source: wikipedia

11. Marijuana today is 10-20 times more potent than in the past.

12. MDMA puts Holes in the brain – what?

13. High doses of niacin will help you pass a drug test. This is one that I did think was true.

14. 2012

15. Cow-tipping.

16. Eskimos have 250 different ways to say “snow”.

17. Psychology is a science.

18. Gum takes 7 years to digest.

19. Irony

20. Pyramids built by Slaves? Nope. source

21. Einstein got bad grades in school.

22. Astrology.

23. Organic Foods.


Maybe You Are Wrong?

1. Sunscreen and Cancer

2. Autism and Vaccines


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