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Blifaloo's Riddle Challenge 2010:

Are you Smart Enough?

Over 100,000 visitors attempted to solve our last set of riddles/puzzles -- only about 5% of these folks managed to make it to the end.

Are you smart enough to make it through our newest batch of mind-benders?

We interupt this message with the following:

Riddle # 1 - Who?

Please enter your password for access


Clues: Some clues are hidden on the page (like this one).

All answers will be lower case. Last names (and no caps) only for name answers.

Use Google to research the clues, and you should do fine.

If you get stuck, bookmark the riddle you are currently working on, so its easy to find your spot in the challange later on.


More Tips & Clues:

Read instructions carefully. Look for hidden clues. Ctrl+A is your friend, along with Google and Wikipedia. Use the whole page, not just what appears to be the riddle/puzzle.