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Price of Gold, How to Buy & Sell Gold, Bullions, Links, Books and Resources

The price of gold has been rising (see charts below), making this commodity more and more appealing to investors. Websites like BullionVault.com have made buying physical gold and storing it easy and affordable to a wider demographic. Experienced investors can find quick profits through buying/selling/trading at the right times, while new investors can start their own long-term nest-egg simply by purchasing gold coins and bullion.

In this guide you’ll find a basic introduction to buying gold in various forms, price charts and links, along with suggested resources, websites, software and books.

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1. Intro to Gold as an Investment 2. Types of Gold Investments: Gold Bullions & Coins, Gold Bars, Futures, Mining Stocks, etc. 3. Pro’s and Cons of Dealing with Gold 4. Historical Gold Price Charts, Stats and Other Info 5. Books on Gold Investments 6. Online Gold Investing Resources and Tools Note from Blifaloo: I became interested in gold after doing research for my rare and valuable coins & wheat penny values articles here on Blifaloo. I received tons (literally thousands) of coin appraisal requests from my website visitors asking about all sorts of coins’ values.

I am not a numanstic expert at all… and my interest in coins is just casual. But, for my readers I started doing more research and put together a guide to finding the value of coins. This led me to some interesting information about gold coins and bullion being a solid long-term investment. Very recently I did some freelance work for a company in the precious metals industry, and my brain is so full of information on gold investment and trading that I figure writing this article would be a good way to clear my head.

Intro to Gold as an Investment

People invest in gold for a variety of reasons. Historically, investors purchase gold to hedge (protect themselves) against economic turmoil, political crisis, and other problems that can devalue stocks, fiat money and other forms of investments.

If you are interested in using gold as a long-term investment, but have limited funds and no time to study the nitty gritty of the gold trade and financial mumbo-jumbo — purchasing gold coins and gold bullion is a great way

Recommended Gold Investing Books:


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