card trick icon The Spectator Becomes a Magician

A classic card trick utilizing a simple force.

by Jean Hugard

Here is a very diverting effect obtained by the simplest possible means, the only precaution necessary being the use of white margin cards.

Secretly note the bottom card and reverse it *. Shuffle, leaving it there with one card below it.

Fan the deck to show that the cards are well mixed, really your purpose is for your victim to note unconsciously that they all face one way. This is safe since the white margin only of the reversed card will show.

Tell a spectator that he seems to have all the characteristics of a successful magician and suggest that he try to do a trick. Hand the deck to him, show him how to spread the cards, thus avoiding any danger of his exposing the reversed card next the bottom. Draw a card and pretend to note what it is. Replace it and have him cut the pack once.

Say that to make a chosen card reverse itself amongst the rest all that is necessary is for him to “will” it to do so, the more strongly he concentrates his thoughts, the more likely he is to succeed, and so on. Finally name the card you reversed as being the card you just drew. Let him spread the cards face up. He finds one card face down. It is the card you named.

* See how to secretly look at cards here

From Card Manipulations by Jean Hugard (1934)