jay sankey magicMagic Tricks & Advice from Jay Sankey

Jay is one of the world’s most respected close-up magicians and prolific magic creators on the planet.

At last count Jay has created over 500 original street magic illusions.

Jay has also worked as a consultant for many of the world’s most famous magicians including Criss Angel, Keith Barry and David Copperfield. Even David Blaine has been seen using Jay’s magic tricks!

Jay has contributed a few insightful articles pertaining to the art of magic here on Blifaloo.com. They are definitely worth a read, and you won’t find them elsewhere; so please check them out:

Advice for Beginners – Jay gives out his best advice for new magicians.

The Value of Material Fiction – “Our dramatic craft or art is similar to photography, painting, and a great deal of literature at least in one respect…they all involve fictitious subject matter.”

Ideal Effect Vs. Practical Method – Where should our (magicians) priorities lie?

Sadomagicism: An Inquiry Concerning Power


Jay Sankey Elsewhere :

sankey magic logoIf you are interested in learning more about Jay Sankey, or want to learn his tricks check out SankeyMagic.com

Also have a peek at Jay’s Youtube page – He has some great videos posted including some free magic trick tutorials.